made of silk

nudo monk is a metaphor for a feeling. The words describe the sensation of
presenting naked and unmasked in front of the sacred, the holy or the
majestic. Pure silk is the medium of such transcendental experiences
and we believe that, with all the power we have. We believe that, so
strongly, we decided to bring the feeling into material existence.

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scrunchie and cream
  • Silk is an elastic protein coming from Mulberry Silkworms and it is the most valuable fiber found in nature, used for centuries in the cloth fabrication industry. A rope of silk is stronger than a metallic wire of the same thickness.

  • Silk is a significantly versatile material. It is hypoallergenic, therefore ideal for sensitive or irritated skin. It works as a natural thermal regulator and keeps the body warm or cool, depending on the surrounding conditions. Silk pillowcases are known for delaying face aging effects, like wrinkles.  

  • Although the long history of silk use begins in China at 200 B.C., silk is believed to have traveled to Greece during the Byzantine period and is associated with official garments and royalty dresses. Currently Greek silk is a competitive up-and-coming force in the global fashion industry, as numerous famous brands are using local silk made in Soufli, Northern Greece, for their products.