nudo monk is a newly founded brand, focusing on silk-made products. The name is a
metaphor for the feeling of embracing yourself, being yourself, natural, unique, and majestic.

Focusing on 100% silk creations, made in Greece, designer Maria Samaras created the label
in 2020 and explores modern patterns and minimalistic designs brought to you to elevate
your personal style and self-confidence.

nudo monk offers unique collections that surpass trends, drawing inspiration from the raw
material and its cultural heritage presented in a subtle Mediterranean color palette.

In the mass production era nudo monk embraces quality and our made of silk trans-seasonal
unique scarves and accessories help promote the concept of sustainability. We are
committed to silk as a means of respecting the environment and fulfilling the needs of future

All retail packaging is recyclable and reusable pouches are provided to store and protect the
luxury item.

Our silk creations are devoted to leaving their impression on everyone seeking impeccable
aesthetics and elegance.

This creative process remains faithful to the brand' s ideals: quality, luxury, accessibility and
sustainability. nudo monk highlights the innate bond between the buyer and the product.

We urge amateur and professional lovers of fashion to be inspired by the designs and use
our items in original ways, to express their own unique vision because fashion is more than
trends; fashion is a statement and a journey to finding one’s self.

Feel the aura of happiness, warmth and satisfaction with hues that celebrate life and joy.
Feel the generous touch of silk caress you all day. A silk day can never end.

And always remember! There is no wrong way to wear silk…

Devoted to Silk

nudo monk, ἐν τῇ γενέσει.